The Company and the Marketplace

Past to Present

Solaroad Technologies Group, LLC is a 12 year company in the solar and storage marketplace. STG is manufacturing the GridKicker portable solar generator, which is currently being used in the field for various applications requiring generation and storage in one portable and powerful device. 

The Portable Solar Generator Market

In 2014 the portable solar generator market was reported to be $302MM. By 2019 it is estimated to be at $450MM, with a growth rate of 9.2%. The GridKicker is at a unique advantage in this market, as the overall engineering, design, and performance of the device exceeds its competition. 

Present to Future

Following the successful launch of the GridKicker, STG will follow up with additional versatile solar and storage products, which can be viewed above.

The Combined Global Storage Market

 According to ESA, the U.S. market grew significantly in 2016, and deployment of energy storage systems through 2017 looks set for exponential growth again. 2017 is expected to see the global market grow 47% from the already previous year in terms of new storage capacity deployed. Through 2020, over 29.4 GW of new storage capacity is expected to be deployed worldwide across all sectors, with a CAGR of 60%.