This is the first generation of the GridKicker. This original construction was composed of clear polycarbonate plastics for the shell, thin film flexible solar cells for the generation, aliphatic resin dipped cardboard tubes containing lithium polymer batteries for energy storage, an inverter for plug and play AC electrical use, and wheels for transportation. The first generation GridKicker model could store up to 5,000 watts of energy. This model was tested and performed time and time again in the summer heat on top of asphalt roofs powering screw guns in place of gas powered generators. 

    This is the second generation of the GridKicker, where we decided to minimize the frame and reduce the weight so that it could be picked up by hand and transported without the need of wheels. This version also contained integrated storage with lithium polymer batteries contained within the tubes. This model had reduced storage due to making the tubes on the frame smaller in diameter as well as eliminating the plastic frame. This GridKicker was designed to be used in DC power applications or in microgrids or installations where the device could be wired to the fuse box at the location the power was needed in order to be inverted to AC. This version of the GridKicker also has the ability to produce clean drinking water through condensation for use in desert climates and water parched countries. The condensation is collected in the tubes and will run to the bottom to a collection device. 

    This is the third generation of the GridKicker. It contains a built in inverter for plug and play AC power. The tube diameter was expanded on this version to allow it to store 5,000 watts. This version was designed for either DC applications when linked with other GridKickers or AC applications when the inverter is plugged into. This version also has the ability to collect clean drinking water through condensation in the tubes.  

    This version of the GridKicker, the fourth generation was designed strictly for rooftop applications. This version had the ability to store up to 10,000 watts in the tubes due to the extended length. This version is 48” in length as compared to the previous 24” versions. These models were field tested at Towson Universities International Incubator on the roof for one year. They were then replaced with an updated version. This version also collects condensation for clean drinking water. Again, due to the extended length of the tubes, power production and storage as well as water production are both increased. 

    This version of the GridKicker was purpose built during a hurricane that occurred in Maryland when power was lost. This particular version has an extra battery compartment that is slung on the underside of the unit to allow for additional storage for times when grid reliability may be low.

This version is our latest model and to read more about it click the link below!