Solaroad Technologies plans to utilize already established

highway infrastructures to develop the world’s largest energy


    ElectraWall tubes contain photovoltaic (PV) cells and are

encapsulated with a polycarbonate outer layer (the same plastic that bulletproof glass contains) for protection and

long-lasting durability. Although extremely durable, these

tubes are so sensitive to light that they will generate

electricity at night when the headlights from passing cars

and overhead highway lights activate the cells.

   The tubes surrounding the highway containing batteries will be linked to the tubes on the jersey wall which will remain strictly photovoltaic. An essential component of this system is that it can provide a source of energy, independent of the conventional electrical grid, to the subdivisions and businesses located behind the surrounding walls. 

    ElectraWall, by utilizing existing infrastructures can provide clean renewable energy for a vast number of applications. From this platform Solaroad can power electric vehicles, highway lights, electrical highway signs, home subdivisions, businesses and more.