Along every highway, there is an existing lighting infrastructure. This infrastructure is an extremely functional place to install a solar lighting system. Solaroad’s ElectraLight is the only solar lighting system that charges both during the day and at night. During the day, the photovoltaic (PV) cells covering the lamppost generate electricity from sunlight. At night, because the solar cells are so sensitive and located underneath the halogen light, they can also generate electricity to recharge the batteries within them.     

    Compared to most solar light systems on the market that use LED lights, ElectraLights can power any type of light. The versatility of being able to power any type of light guarantees illumination all night without dimming. The ElectraLIght system can provide more than enough light to satisfy any lighting requirements. 

    Additionally, existing solar light systems use pole-mounted solar arrays that are not very powerful and can take several days to recharge even a small battery. In these existing systems, battery size is limited to the size of the lamp head or flat panel. Small battery capacity can mean this light could go out or get dimmer during the night. Conversely, the wraparound PV sheet in Solaroad’s design has embedded battery technology, providing much greater battery capacity than other systems. The battery pack is also available to place inside hollow light poles to increase capacity even more.

    ElectraLight is the easiest solar light system to install and requires no modifications to the existing lamppost or head, unlike existing solar lighting systems, which require extensive modifications. Due to the nature of the ElectraLight construction, Solaroad can install approximately 50 times the battery capacity of any other solar light system. The wraparound PV sheet cannot become detached even in the highest wind or extreme weather conditions. 

    Using existing highway lighting infrastructure, Solaroad can provide a simple, affordable and powerful generating system to run highway lights, signs, and more using renewable energy.